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Whenever im in the camping tag I notice that its mainly white people. I know that camping is a sterotypical thing “white people like” TM, but jeeeeez srs whats goin on here?
Camping does seem like a fairly priveleged activity, you need time off, gas to travel, and the equpiment can be expensive as fuck (FUCK REI). but there several ways to camp not every white person I know is hauling around expensive shit. Generally its eqipment found for cheap online or traded for, or even made. Hell, I myself as a white person have really only dropped $12 for a nice flint.

But back to the main qestion: Why is camping dominated by white people?

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    People populating heavily urban areas are less likely to go camping due to underexposure to nature, under-education,...
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    ….The only time I’ll go camping is if it’s in a nice RV. I’m a wimp when it comes to things like that I’ll admit it....
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    says the girl whose life is so free or problems she whines about the melanin levels of people who go camping the...
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    Bro you didnt even considered the question I asked, limp dick. But you know nothing about camping because youve parked...

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